How to wear a hair vine

When you’re a bride-to-be, you’ll find that your vocabulary is full of new words and phrases and it’s highly likely that ‘hair vine’ isn’t a term you’ll have come across before you started planning your wedding. However, as all of us at Liberty in Love are head over heels for hair vines, I thought I’d give you our guide to these brilliant bridal accessories.

Firstly, why do we love them so? Well, hair vines are not only deliciously feminine, they’re also amazingly versatile and you’ll be able to find a design that perfectly suits your style among our collection. I also think that hair vines are the ideal companions to an elegantly undone look that’s so flattering and so now.

How To Wear A Hair VineHair vines also have the added bonus of being incredibly comfortable and that’s such an important consideration when you’re finalising your wedding day look. The vast majority of designs are pretty lightweight so you can wear them day and night without worry.

So, how do you wear them? Well, as you’ll see from the photos here, you can wear a hair vine in almost any way you choose! Weave your vine into a braid or wear it on your forehead, on your hairline or in an Alice band style. They also look wonderful worn like a flower crown but generally, all hair vines are made to be flexible so they can be manipulated to work around your hairstyle and placed perfectly on the big day.

How To Wear A Hair VineIf you are at all worried about your headpiece slipping or moving during your wedding day then I’d certainly recommend that you opt for a hair vine with ribbon ties as these can be secured at the nape of the neck for an effortless, super pretty look. This is a great option for brides with fine or short hair or for brides who want to wear their hair down.

Other hair vines have loops at each end and these secure the vine into place. These designs are usually the most flexible so can give you endless options for your bridal look. There are also vines with combs and these are worn at the back of the head and look stunning against a soft chignon.

How To Wear A Hair VineHair vines also look delightful with veils. You could choose to wear a drop or halo veil with the vine on the top for a bohemian style or wear your veil on the back of your head, secured with your choice of hair vine, for a subtle, classic style.

I really love the Sage headpiece in gold by Untamed Petals at the moment as it’s just so beautifully sparkly and it makes quite a statement even though the shape is quite organic. The Ivy pearl hair vine by Laurel Lime is incredibly dainty and has a lovely softness thanks to the pearl additions.

How To Wear A Hair VineHave the hair vines in our collection stolen your heart? Remember that any of our handmade styles can be customised to suit you (e.g. a longer length, the addition or removal of ribbons, colour or component alterations) and we’re here to help and advise whenever you need.



Image 1: Sage by Untamed Petals – Image by Xander & Thea | Celestia by Ivory & Co – Image by Daniel Hughes Photography | Penelope by Chez Bec

Image 2: Boho Pearl Blossom Circlet by Halo & Co | Crimson Vine of Blossoms by Halo & Co | Brooke by Klaire Van Elton

Image 3: Melody by Halo & Co | Ivy by Laurel Lime | Pale Blush Blossoms by Halo & Co

Image 4: Earla by Klaire Van Elton | Estelle by Ivory & Co | Leslie by Untamed Petals