Essential tips for your hair & makeup trials

When you’re planning your wedding day look, your bridal hair and makeup is as important as your dress and accessories. Great wedding hair and makeup really is the most exquisite finishing touch to your ensemble and it can give you an extra dose of confidence for your wedding day. Many brides choose to work with professionals and having a hair and makeup trial is the ideal time to perfect your look. Here are our top tips for making the most of your wedding day beauty run-through…

Essential tips for your hair & makeup trials


To make the most of your hair and makeup trial, it’s important to do a little preparation before the day:

  • Create a Pinterest board to share with your stylist. Save any images of styles and looks that you like as well as pics of your dress along with colour swatches and details that will help your stylist understand your wedding.
  • Look after your skin and hair in the run-up to the trial. Now’s the time to start getting everything in great condition for your wedding. Drink lots of water, look after your skin, make sure your hair is trimmed and get plenty of sleep.
  • Book your trial for the right time – anywhere between one and three months before your wedding day is usual but obviously it will depend on your stylist’s availability so make your arrangements well in advance.
  • If you suffer with any allergies, sensitivities or intolerances, be sure to tell your stylist beforehand so that they can make sure they’re fully prepped and aware.
  • Get everything together for your trial. Obviously you won’t be taking your dress with you but you’ll need your wedding hair accessories and/or bridal veil so you can really understand how you’ll look on the day.

Essential tips for your hair & makeup trials


Do check with your stylist what you need to do (or not do!) so you arrive ready. Some stylists ask you not to wash your hair on the morning of your trial or avoid using heated hair tools 24 hours beforehand. Some like you to arrive wearing your ‘normal’ makeup so they can see what you’re comfortable wearing and others prefer a barefaced approach. Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • It’s a good idea to wear a top that has a neckline similar to your wedding dress. This really helps you see how your hair and makeup might look with your gown.
  • Ask questions and even take notes during your trial. Now’s the time to ask your stylist how to fix any problems on the day or how best you can prepare your hair and skin for your wedding day.
  • Do think about who you take with you, if anyone. As with wedding dress shopping, going along with a large group can produce confusing opinions! You might find going alone more relaxing and this can really help you build a rapport with your stylist.
  • Keep a note of how long the hair and makeup trial takes (obviously excluding any pre- and post- trial chat!), as this is really helpful info when you’re planning your wedding day schedule. Double check with your stylist how long they’ll need on the day and then give yourself a little extra time so you know you won’t be rushed.
  • Remember to be realistic. If you’ve got super fine hair for example then all the styling in the world is unlikely to give you thick, tumbling tresses for your wedding day. Remember that whilst your stylist is a talented professional, they’re not a magician! Also keep in mind that it’s likely that lots of the photos that you might have saved to your Pinterest board have been retouched to magazine-style perfection.
  • Your wedding hair and makeup should make you the best version of yourself, not a totally different person! If you don’t tend to wear much makeup, going for a ‘full face’ on your wedding day might make you uncomfortable.
    Essential tips for your hair & makeup trials
  • Communicate with your stylist. If you’re asking for a ‘bold lip’ or a ‘dewy look’, try to show them pictures of what you mean or explain really clearly to make sure that your ideas of what’s what match up perfectly.
  • Be as open-minded as possible and trust your hair and makeup artist. They might style your hair and apply your makeup in a way that you’ve never done but go with it until you’ve seen the finished look and lived with it for a little while.
  • You’ll also need to be as honest as possible. Your stylist won’t be offended if you say you don’t like something and if you tell them during your trial, you can try another option until you’re happy. Your trial is the time for you both to get to know each other and honesty is always the best policy when building relationships!
  • Give feedback to your stylist afterwards. If your hairstyle didn’t quite last as long as you’d like or you found your eyeliner smudged quickly, let them know. Similarly, if you’re super happy or a still a bit nervous, speak to your stylist sooner rather than later.
  • Enjoy yourself! How often do you get pampered in this way? Your trial should be a wonderful experience so enjoy every minute.

If you’ve booked your hair and makeup trial and need to find your perfect wedding day accessories, we’d love to help. Get in touch with us via, tell us all your plans and we’ll be able to suggest the perfect wedding hair accessories, bridal veils and jewellery so you’ll have everything you need for your trial and, of course, your wedding day.



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